Japan and Cambodia ICT Forum 2015 (April 7, 2015)

The “Japan/Cambodia ICT Forum 2015” was held as a co-sponsor by the request of Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications( MPTC) at Hotel Cambodiana on Tuesday, 4 April at Phnom Penh City, Cambodia. The propose of ICT forum was to introduce major ICT Japanese companies to officials of ICT Cambodian Government. Also contribute improvement of training and international competitions and promotions and human resources of information communication in Cambodia. A number of Participation from Japan side was 38, including Japanese Embassy in Cambodia, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Administrative Management Bureau Government Information Systems Planning Division, Telecommunication International Strategy Country side cooperation section, and 12 of private companies. 254 people in total participated from Cambodia around MPTC including the bureaucrat of each government agency and the participant from a private organizations. Moreover, a lot of TV and Radio crews gathered and it was held flourishing. eb01

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