Massive possibilities for future of Cambodia

Kingdom of Cambodia, the land area: is 181,035㎡ (about half size of Japan, flat land is 70% which is opposite of Japan) Population: 1,470 million people (2013 / government statistics), About 2.2 million people are living in Capital of Phnom Penh City . Civil war is terminated by the Paris Peace Agreement in 1991, UNTAC the original election of jurisdiction has been carried out in 1993. It was re-starting as the “Kingdom of Cambodia”. Then, the current Cambodian government which was established through the election of a few degrees can make managing. Government is also stable while facing a variety of challenges, are becoming ride to political and economic both stable orbit. Reference : Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

Tourism, Industry

Primary industries are agriculture, garment industry, tourism and construction industries and especially garment industry and tourism have by far. In particular, the tourism industry is positioned as an industry leader. There are many tourist spots such as world heritage of the ancient temples, Angkor Wat. Also there is a famous tourist destination in Sihanoukville. According to the Tourism Minister announced, visitors from overseas in 2012 are about 3.58 million people which is 24% increasing from a year. It is expected to visit foreign visitors of 7.5 million by 2020. Among them, Japanese tourists are about 18 million people. Also there is a expectation of direct flights between Japan and Cambodia.

Tourist Transition turist


Cambodia has entered the period of high economic growth. It led the expansion of infrastructure, construction rush of resort development, condominiums and houses, high-rise buildings, hotels and factories have followed. Economy is activated so that increasing employment and entering various market industries. The momentum doesn’t know the place which stops. Still the whole country monthly income is less, however household income of 80% of target in Phnom Penh City is about US$400~2,000, and more than US$3,000 wealthy people are increasing dramatically. The Cambodian government also has been aggressively attracted about the field of precision instrument, development of resources. Also the local area are expected to grow so that construction of factories and stable employment. 001 002 004 width= (Graph data source based on: Economic and Statistical Information Site URL of the world)

WILLONE has convinced of large business potential in developing country Cambodia from the following point of view.

1. Connections of Government, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Military
2. National Strategy: Integrity of the National Strategy, such as infrastructure development and development
3. Economy: business opportunities based on the annual rate of 7 percent economic growth
4. Access: the center of Indochina, the center of the sea and land Transport
5. Workforce: Young employee (average age 23-25 ​​years) , row rate (average monthly income US$80 ~ US$300) and diligence
6. Japan brand: pro-Japanese country in the public and private sectors mentioned, Japan brand power in Cambodia
7. Infrastructure: the possibility of construction, electricity, gas and water utilities
8. Sales: Sales Education of Japan style for diligent national character
9. Foreign currency preferential: Customs preferential, possible for full ownership of capital, no limit export foreign currency
10. Funding: domestic financial institution, interest of financial institutions for overseas expansion support overseas projects by Japanese government