Companies that plan to expand their businesses to Cambodia

Business tour in Cambodia

Are you interested in advance company to Cambodian market? Do you want to expand business to Cambodia? Yes, we prepare business tours which individual key points of expanding business to Cambodia. You are able to experience, learn and study through the tours for first step. Also you have opportunities that to check out Industrial parks, distribution, and have session with political dignitaries. We believe that these tours can help your future vision.


Cambodia Market Research

“ Can we sell our products in Cambodia?” “ We want to get local information in advance.” We have heard various anxiousness, questions and problems from a lot of owners who are considering expand business to Cambodia. Please be assured that we are here for you. The local specialized staff from WILLONE carry out marketing research and give you advices.

Establish company in Cambodia

“How to start to establish company in Cambodia?” “We don’t know Khmer language!” Knowledgeable WILLONE staff support your Application Forms, Preferential Treatment System, Investment Regulations, Local Legal Institution, and License Institution. In addition, Not only process of establishment company, issue of economic zones of industrial land acquisition and plant construction, also we support for real estate business in the office rental procedures, as well.

IT Environment Support

IT environments have not been regulated well in a developing countries. Also there are huge differences OA equipment, network systems, and etc. between Japan and developing countries. WILLONE has partnerships with specialist in OA and Infrastructure equipment, IT , and accumulated KNOW-HOW for your support.

Establish company in Cambodia

Support expansion business to Cambodia

WILLONE can do top-down sales to Government of Cambodia and economic committee of relations for you. As a result, quick development support to the market is possible.

Rick share at Cambodia

We will use full advantage of the resources of ours. Also we are responsible for provide fine-grained high service to each company for leading the business to success.

Back up into Cambodia

We like to be a bridge of friendship between Japan and Cambodia. So that we support Japanese activities such as IT, Communication, Engineering, Architecture for hubbing.